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    getURL:javascript blocked when called from a frame action in flash?


      I'm wrapping a load of flash/html eLearning content into air packages - or at least I was!
      The content is really old - flash 6 - and part of how it works is once it has loaded, it calls a javascript function, via a frame action. Each eLearning module relies on this call getting made...
      Sadly, this javascript call is never received - and having done a test it is purely down to the call being from a frame rather than a button (or other user interaction).
      eg. a movie with 10 frames. frame 10 has this action: (remember this is flash 6!)

      foo is never called.
      But put a button in with:

      that works fine. Same call, but via a button.

      So really the question is - with air (or even is it something in new flash security?) - is there some reason why a frame action cannot call javascript? And if so - is there a parameter that can be set (like allowScriptAccess type thing - although tried that!) that will allow it again? Basically with over 1000 different flash movies, I'm not really in a position to re-code (eg. ExternalInterface does work! But can't recode 1000 movies to use that!).

      I've searched and can't see anything saying specifically a frame action call to javascript will be ignored, but clearly it is...

      Any idea, anyone?