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    Has anyone seen this BUG with Time Warp and Dissolve?

      I'm doing some real basic slow-mo clips, transitioning with various dissolve wipes. I've come across a problem that is extreemly frustrating! I'm wondering if anyone has insight on a fix or if Adobe does service packs or fixes that I might be able to install.

      If you put two clips adjacent to each other on a timeline, apply time warp, set percentage to say 30% of realtime, then apply a dissolve between the clips, clip B, the outclip will play in reverse for a period equal to about 1/3 of the duration of the clip.

      This is true scrubbing through the timeline and even rendering.


      I'm going to call support tomorrow, but that's not going to help me get my project finished any sooner since this is a critical element in this composition. I've tried the time remapping method, but the frame-blend is no match for the pixel motion of time warp.