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    P2 Users might like to take a look at this .... (P2 Forge)

    shooternz Level 6
      I have just purchased this after a short trial and it is a very comprehensive application that does a lot more than P2 stuff....

      Two main components (loaded with tools) P2 Viewer , P2 Ingest.

      Will playback what ever Codecs you have loaded in your system. Including the new AVC Intra.


      I can fit this into my workflow a number of ways. One cool thing is the P2 Viewer which I can use on location to playback scenes to clients etc instead of tying my camera up.

      General downloads to ext HD on location I will probably still use P2 Genie.
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          I'll second this. P2Forge is a fantastic app for anybody adopting a P2 workflow. It's far better than either of the Panasonic tools (P2 Viewer and P2CMS), and it keeps getting better with each release. Robert, the developer, is extremely responsive to bug reports as well as to feature requests.

          I like the automated transfer and error checking/verification that P2Forge does vs. P2 Genie. I think P2 Genie was a great tool at the time, but it's kind of stalled in its development. This one does everything it does, and much more.