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    MPEG DVD Compliant Encoding size

      Hi I have just bought Premier CS3 and are just getting to grips with it, most things seem straight forward and the prog is excellent.

      However I have come across 1 aspect that confuses me. I used Premier to capture 26 minutes of Mini DV Pal progressive footage and added 46 stills (2048x1536) and a wav file for background for the stills of 42mb.

      I then exported the whole thing to Adobe Media Encoder used the MPEG2-DVD Pal High Quality template. This produced a combined m2v & wav of 800 MB.

      This seemed lower than I was expecting so I fired up TMPGEnc 4 Xpress that I have use in the past and roughly asked it to perform a similar exercise and it came up with a file of 1.5 GB.

      The quality looked the same so why the vast difference in size?

      Is Main Concept's engine that much better than TMPGenc's or have I sacrificed some quality somewhere?

      Forgive me if I am being stupid.