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    I lost one of my "work area" markers

    Level 1

      I somehow lost one of my work area markers. How do I get it back onto the timeline ?

      On this subject, I always find it awkward when I try to drag the left marker to the left side of my work area footage on the timeline, is there not an easier way to do this, than grabbing at it with the mouse ?

      I will first define my "in" and "out" points on the timeline.
      Then I drag the 2 markers to define that area, and they will snap nicely to where I have put the "in" and "Out" markers, however grabbing that left "work area" marker just isn't easy to do, and now, one of them is missing.

      I'm sure the missing marker is there, I just can't find it.

      Thank you for any information.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Use the shortcut keys to set your marker. No matter where it is now, it will snap to the CTI.

          It is just as easy to set the workarea marker as it is to set the in/out points.

          See the Keyboard Customization menu and you will find the shortcuts under Panels / Set Work Area Bar In Point and Set Work Area Bar Out Point

          On my system they are Alt+[ and Alt+]
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            Level 1
            Hello Steven

            Thank you for the information. I looked into the keyboard shortcuts, and that did the trick ! , the elusive left marker has re-appeared. I wonder where it was, perhaps somewhere on the timeline where I didn't see it.

            I think I shall start using more of the keyboard shortcuts, some of these look like they can save a lot of time.

            Thanks Steven,