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    Installing CS3.

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      We are planning on getting CS3 production studio... I have a few questions:

      (1) On how many computers can the programs be installed? (I need photoshop on two different machines)

      (2) Can I use the CS3 upgrade if I just have Premiere Pro 1.5 Upgrade which itself is an upgrade from Premiere 5.1?

      (3) Will the Sapphire and Magic Bullet plug ins I used for 1.5 work with CS3?

      (4) Will the render performance and playback performance be the same with CS3 as with Premiere 1.5 if I keep the same processor and system configuration? (Pentium D 930 3.0mhz).

      (5) The final question is a more technical one: I have an Azus motherboard (P5 something DELUXE). It is Socket 775 and can take a Core Duo but is limited to 667 DDR2 memory (as opposed to 800 DDR2). Will I lose a lot of performance on the Core Duo processor if I stick this older motherboard and its 667 DDR2 memory?
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1 - One... one license code = one computer
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            1. Well, the EULA generally allows for one copy on your main PC and one on a laptop (for example), with the key being that they will not both be used at the same time.

            2. Yes. You could even use Premiere 5.1 to upgrade if Adobe has a record of your ownership.

            3. According to GenArts, you can upgrade to a CS3 compatible version. http://www.genarts.com/sapphire-ae.html

            I have to ask why you didn't just look that one up?

            As for Magic Bullet, it looks like you have to wait until the fourth quarter of this year. http://www.rgsupportzone.com/system_compatibility

            4. It should be about the same.

            5. You will certainly not be as happy as you would be if you upgraded both. I don't have an answer as to exactly how much slower it will be.