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    FLV and SWF Joining and Resizing - Help?!?!


      My wife is a copy writer, and as part of her portfolio, she has to go and capture the end result once it has been shot. In the current perplexing case, a web site has a small speaking host who will occasionally point to the right at an animation. The host is on the site as a FLV and the animation is a SWF. I guess it makes sense for them, but it certainly seems like they could have gone the extra mile to make it one file.

      Anyway, I have captured the FLV and the SWF, but am having a VERY hard time combining them, even after reencoding both into AVI. For the most part, they are very different dimensions, and when all is said and done, the result is blocky probably because the exported dimensions are too big.

      My main problem is that the video size is set at the time you set up a project, and no amount of trial and error on my part has allowed me to figure out what to set that to.

      Any help on any of this is greatly appreciated!