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    Another "What to run CS3 on" question

      I'm an R&D Engineer and started a couple years ago doing video work for the company I work for and am in need of a laptop to work on as a mobile work station. I travel a lot and need to keep up with things rather than come home to a huge project while I have other work backing up while I am gone.

      I've researched many lap tops, Alienware looked great till you start searching for reviews. Looked at Macbook pro but I guess I am rebelling against Mac for no apparent reason (like pc's, call me weird). Dell...well they own Alienware and have seen some similar reviews and not sure the config is what I'm looking for, so here is what I am down to.

      HP HDX
      Vista Home Premium (32-Bit) Yes I know some have had issues with Vista for some crazy reason I'm willing to give it a go.

      Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5GHz

      3GB Memory

      512 Nvidia GeForce 8800m Video card

      2 internal 120GB Sata Drives @ 7200 rpm (Called HP and they said the two drives are not striped in a raid configuration)

      Will also run a eSata external in Raid 0 Gig unknown at this time.

      I pretty much use PP CS3 and PhotoShop CS3 for most of my work But I am a AE junkie, a cold beer and a nice long session with After Effects CS3 is what I call a hot Satarday night nowadays. I am working with a GL2 at the moment but will be moving to HD sometime this year. What I would like to do here is be able to function, without massive head aches and get my work done and enjoy my downtime stuck in hotel rooms working in AE.

      Its okay if render time is longer than on my custom desktop, gotta get out and eat sometimes. So the big question is in your experience is it possible to run CS3 Production Premium Suite on this system and have a ball with it or is there a better machine for a mobile work station out there?

      Right now the imaginary buget is at 3,000 but I'd go a bit more for piece of mind if needed and I'm not concerned with size or weight, its not for working on an airplane or at Starbucks.

      Thanks in advance for your opinion and don't be uncomfortable about being brutal, good or bad I want to hear it.