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    Premiere messing up 24p footage

      My 24p footage looks like crap once I put it in the timeline or export! Every 4th frame looks "interlaced". I believe that is what is happening, but I'm not sure. And I definitely don't know why it's happening.

      -I'm using a DVX100B with 24p setting (not 24pA) squeezed for widescreen.
      -Premiere Pro CS3 Mac OS
      -24p widescreen project in premiere.
      -Import the video using Quicktime "DV/DVCPRO" Compression with the 29.97 frames, Progressive, and 16:9 settings.
      (I was able to figure out that 29.97 is the correct setting, because even though the footage is 24p, it's laid down on 29.97)

      Video looks good after importing. I can play the clip and it's fine or play it outside of premiere fine. But as soon as I drop it into the timeline and play it in the preview window, I can see that every 4th frame looks interlaced. The result of this is it plays like crap on a TV because every 4th frame has a flicker effect. I've also tried exporting from the timeline and it still does this interlace/flicker effect.

      Any help MUCH appreciated. Footage looks great, but I can't do anything with it until I fix this problem.