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    System I am building - critique?

      Here is what I ordered for my basic box. Does anyone see any compability problems using this to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 first with HDV and then to uncompressed HD in a couple of months?

      twin Xeon quad core E5450A 3.0 GHz, 1333 Mhz fsb processors
      16 GB Kingston FB-Dimm (8X2Gb) 667 Mhz
      Supermicro X7DWA-N EATX server board
      XFX 8800 GT graphics card
      PC Power and Cooling 750 Quad
      Three WD RE2 750 GB drives for running internal RAID 5 (for preview files)
      One 320 GB WD drive for OS and apps
      High Point Rocket Raid 2322 PCIe X4
      DAT Optic 8 disk external SAS to SATA2 RAID 5 array (for video assets)
      8 more WD 750 GB RE2 drives for array

      I will use this system primarily for editing HDV short-term and plan to add a PCI-X Black Magic DeckLink HD Pro capture card when I make the move to uncompressed HD. That transition is why I overspec'd the system - so it can handle future upgrades to my video assets.

      Does anyone see any compatibility issues with this setup using Vista Business X64 to run PP CS3?