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    Weird Sound sync issue.

      I am currently editing a concert in CS3, and have encountered some strange audio sync problems.

      I used seven cameras in the production (two dvx, one XM2, and the rest was HDV cameras from Sony)

      One of the DVX cameras supplies the sound that shall be used in the final product and I have this camera on V1 in CS3. The problem occurs when I try to sync either one of the HDV cameras or the XM2 to the V1 Audio (dvx). The sound on each source is in sync with the Video, but when i try to sync the video from let's say one hdv camera to the sound from the dvx it slowly get's out of sync. I also tried to sync the other dvx video with the V1 dvx Audio, and no sync problems occured. Only when I use the hdv or xm2 video.

      All of the dv tapes from all cameras was captured in CS3 with the DVX, so I guess this could be the source of the problem.