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    Night time scene which effect to make look better?

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      Hello I have a night time scene I recorded with a crappy night vision mode on the camera it's visible but crappy(hard to see but seeable) What effect/s should I use to make this look better easier to see the person (keep in mind its night vision mode so most of the colors look almost the same) I highered the gama but that just makes it birghter making it green gama higher makes it look better a little but I like the black and white effect it's got. Any help?

      also I have some stock free cheezy stock footage for muzzleflashes and some of them (I use luma key) has this white box around where the gun shot should be what effect should i use to get rid of this box around the mizzle flash, kind of like a whiteish line.

      Wow someone better post something soon before I put a hundred questions in this post lol... Does Anyone know where I can get some good still image muzzle flashes? for free?