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    Delete Sound?!?!?! and copy annoying!!

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      Hello I have a short film i'm making and the video format of my video is .mov (quicktime) I import it in premiere and plop it in the timeline and it works fine edit my movie put in effects etc but now I want to cut out parts of the audio without cutting the video and I want to completly delete some audio in the video but when I select the audio 1 it also selects the video 1 that goes along with it! and when I just try to cut the audio 1 it also cuts video 1 sooo I copied a really long song over the videos audio 1 area and it overighted all the sound then I just deleted the song... lol there must be an easier way to do this, also is there a way to make it when you copy vidoe it automaticly does not copy to video 1 and audio 1 because I sometimes want to copy things in video 2 but it copys to video 1 and messes up my video. Thanks for the help!