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    Viewing Premiere Timeline on NTSC Monitor?

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      As some of you here may know, I have been having a hell of a time with the MATROX RTX10 capture card and have thus opted to uninstall this from my sys.

      I am under the understanding that Premiere Pro CS3 will NOT work with the RTX10 anyway, because Matrox is no longer supporting drivers for any version of Premier Pro above 2.0. ___ Correct ____ Not Correct

      Given the above, I have, at the advice of some here, purchased the Canopus ADVC-110 Bidirectional Media Converter from B&H. Now that I have this box, does anyone know how I can get it to actually display the Premiere Pro 2.0 timetrack on an NTSC monitor? When I plug the converter into my sys using the provided firewire and invoke Premiere Pro 2.0, I get no picture out onto the NTSC monitor no matter what setting I click on the Canopus converter box. Should I first uninstall the Matrox card and drivers? Should I UNinstal Premiere Pro 2.0 and then install Premiere Pro CS3 (which is sitting in a box on my desk right now) and try the Conopus converter with this version instead? Anyone familiar with operation of these converter boxes?