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    call from java to launch webhelp

      I am working with some developers to launch webhelp from an
      application that uses java. The developers say they can't launch
      webhelp using javascript because it is a "java application".

      So my question - what is the command to launch webhelp from a java
      application using the defined browser window (done in RoboHelp -
      defined a browser window size and position).

      Thank you for helping me with this. The developers say it can't be
      done, but I'm hoping that it can be done. They are currently using
      rundll and that uses the users default browser settings which is not
      acceptible for our customers as it could open multiple (and I mean
      multiple) windows every time they access help.

      thank you!
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          Not sure if we are both doing exactly the same thing, but I sent this information to one of our app developers and he made it work (Java app + RoboHelp WebHelp):


          That said, we're still trying to work out a couple of irritations of our own:
          1. If the help browser instance is open and the user clicks the app help link again (from another page), the new address is loaded in the help browser but nothing you can do updates to the new topic.
          2. How to dechrome the help browser. RoboHelp does it but if the "how to" is there it's hiding in plain sight.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            There are various ways they can call the help and it does not involve javascript. See the aticle on my site, Calling WebHelp using URLs.


            1] There is something about that on my site. Same article I believe.

            2] I cannot help you on that but your developers should be able to do so via the RoboHelp API.