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    ATTN: No More BluRay VS. HD-DVD debates...BluRay it is.

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      just wanted to forward this, came from a close source who's an engineer with an [unnamed] major media distributor company for the motion picture industry in Cali.

      The major companies (Universal, Fox, etc...) have already decided Blu-Ray will win out. The reason has nothing to do with features, or marketing, or storage capacity at all...it has to do with protection. AACS protection and BD+ protection for example both require 'brute force' method of hacking - basically a trial and error method (not a simple key search like CSS for regular DVDs), which means it would literally take 2 to 3 years to crack only ONE bluray DVD. Later bud.

      just thought i would share that with all fellow premiere pro users, and i guess we can be glad adobe had the foresight to implement bluray instead of hddvd (hmm...maybe they knew something we didn't)

      ::: Connor

      P.S. - i will ignore all requests to give names/sources as this isn't "officially" public yet, probably won't be for months to come, and don't want to jeopardize this person's job (just in case).
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