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    Best way to super-impose multiple people in 1 shot?

      Hi all. I filmed a scene with myself running in 4 different places, and now I want to merge them all together into a final shot (so that it looks like there are multiple of me, all in the same shot), but I'm having trouble with the Garbage Matte and Image Matte tools.

      So, couple questions:

      1: Is there any way to blur the edges of the Garbage Matte? Hard edges are a problem, because there is moving vegetation in the background, so you can see this odd line panning across the image when one of myself runs by.

      2: Is there a way to MOVE the matte when using Image Matte? This would have solved it for me, but apparently the image matte can't be moved... at all... (form what I can tell).

      3: Does anyone else have a nightmare using Garbage Matte, because the preview won't properly show you what the Garbage Matte is actually doing (it's bugged - a bit offset), until you Render Work Area?

      4: Is there some other way to achieve what I'm trying to do?