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    Pr CS3 and Finicky Fonts in Titler

      If its not one thing, its another.

      Ive been working on a project that was brought to me recently yet started some years ago with Premiere 6 (not even Pro). Amazingly, Ive finally managed to coax nearly everything into Pr CS3. The problem Im running into now is with the CS3s Titler in that it outright refuses to display two of the fonts used in the older project. It only displays hollow rectangles for each letter.

      The thing is: Adobe Photoshop CS2 sees them. Adobe Illustrator 10 sees them. Adobe After Effects 7 sees them. Not to mention MS Word, Adobe Type manager, Adobe Acrobat and even Windows Control Panel Fonts sees them.

      So why is Pr CS3s Titler being so finicky? Is there some setting or secret incantation Im missing? These are TrueType fonts, btw.

      I even installed them via ATM so theyd copy over to the normal Windows Fonts folder on C:, restarted the system and nada. Same problem.

      When I initially imported the project, CS3 dutifully imported the PTL files without a peep. The moment I double clicked or even right clicked on a title file, either in the Project bins or the Timeline, Pr would immediately error then crash.

      If instead I import the folder with the PTL files in to an empty project, a requestor pops up stating that the titles video settings differ from the project and would I like to convert. I OK for each file in the bin and theyre imported as expected. Now the titles behave as they should, except for the ones using the fonts mentioned above.

      So why doesnt that conversion requestor come up when Importing a project?

      Fortunately, my producer is OK with substituting a similar font, but thats NOT the point. Obviously I trust & use a lot of Adobe products, but with all the issues Ive encountered in the few short weeks Ive had this CS3 release, my conclusion has to be that it simply wasnt ready for Prime Time. Im sure Adobe will eventually sort it all out, but for now CS means something else to me and Creative certainly isnt one of them.