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    42 hours to encode SD AVI???

    Bob Sackter Level 1
      This has been an ongoing issue with this program. I edit longform concerts, usually around 2 hours. In this case I took a 2 hour AVI and replaced the audio and put a couple of simple title cards on it. First it took almost 20 hours to render. I set media encoder output for 2 pass VBR 3 meg average 6 meg peak and 1.5 meg min. and set to export to encore so I can add menues. It has been running for 26 hours with another 16 hours to go. Why does CS3 not use all the resources? I looked at the task manager and CPU usage is a 24% memory usage 1.2 gig PF .97gig There are no other processes running at all. I contacted support, but that was no help at all. There is a bottleneck somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I can't believe that it should be this slow. If this is the case, I will be dumping this and switching to FCP and mac, as I have worked on that platform with far superior results then what I am seeing now. This is a brand new system that is only running PP and Audition. For what it's worth Audition is flawlwss and blazing fast.
      PP CS3 3.02
      XP pro SP3
      Intel Q9850 quad 2.66
      Invidia 780I motherboard
      3 gig 800meg dual ch. mem
      10,000rpm 140 gig raptor system drive
      2x 1tb striped cinema drives (storage)
      1tb scratch drive (page file set to 6 gig)
      all drives defraged and under 40% used
      Nvidia 880GT 512 video card (using 2 monitors DVI)
      no capture card