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    Premiere Pro CS3 Glitch - Track Matte

      I found a glitch this morning in Premiere Pro CS3.

      I have a nested sequence on my main timeline.

      On that sequence I have a track matte effect and above the nested sequence video layer is my "mask" layer.

      When previewing this sequence through Premiere Pro CS3 everything looks great.

      However when exporting with Adobe Media Encoder to Windows Media Format, the video in the track matte appears all off and it's not lined up the way it is on my main timeline.

      I had setup this project in Premiere Pro 2 where it worked fine and I had previously exported it to MPEG2DVD format. However when exporting from CS3, all of my video clips in my nested timeline are moved and out of place - keep in mind they don't appear out of place when I play/preview the timeline in CS3.

      Has anyone else encountered this glitch?