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    CS3 bug identified. Will it be fixed?

      I am excited to upgrade to CS3, but I am experiencing an issue that is not present in the previous version. The program crashes when trying to render the audio previews of a nested timeline. The error looks like this:

      Premiere Pro Debug Event

      This is not a problem in version 2.0. I simply cannot upgrade to CS3 until this has been fixed......Will a patch be released? I found a user forum where someone else had the same problem. This is what he wrote:

      "I can continually reproduce this audio bug. Whenever I use a "constant power" audio transition on a stereo clip with a "fill left" filter applied that is at the end of one of the adjoining clips, I get an error about a audio stack problem. I can reproduce this all day and night. Simply remove the audio transition and it works until I hit the next transition that does not have any overlap on one side"

      The timeline I am trying to render has many occurrences of what he is explaining, so it could certainly point to the problem.