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    Eporting to file in HD (JVC GZ HD7)

      Hi everyone, I have a problem that I'm about to go crazy over. I have a JVC GZ HD7 HDD cam and it records in a .tod file. the included software allows me to convert the .tod file into a file that I can edit in PP CS3. once I have the file in PP CS3 to edit, I am trying export the edited movie to a video file on my hard drive. For some reason I cant export the movie so the playback is in HD! Every setting I choose play's it back in a super low quality that doesnt even come close to looking like what I edited in PP.

      Can you give me some pointers on what settings I need to change to make this right? I find it hard to believe that I spent a ton of cash on a cam and Adobe Master collection CS3 and I cant even export an edited movie in HD??? Thanks.