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    Export to DivX shows no picture

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      I've been trying to export some HDV footage to quality hd format, but no luck.
      I caputure from Sony HDR7, edit in timeline add titles, fine, no prob, and works smoothly on my laptop, so perfect. But export that is causing me nightmare.
      Tried to export to wmv, and that maintains quality and is perfect.
      Export to DivX, or Xvid or even mpeg2, or H.264 doesn't return playable video (sound is fine though)
      I used following settings:
      Project HD 1080i50
      Settings=>File Type "Microsoft AVI", Range "Entire Sequence"..
      Video Tab=>Compressor "DivX 6.6.1 Codec", Frame Size "1440x1080"(16:9)
      Frame Rate "25fps", Pixel Aspect Ratio "HD Anamorfic 1080 1.333", Recompress "checked"
      Button Configure => DivX Codec Properties Main=> Profile "Unconstrained", Use presets "checked" quality "9", Rate control mode "1-pass", Bitrate "8000"kbs. Codec tab=>default. Video=>No Resize, Output pixel aspect ratio "Square 1:1", Interlace "De-interlace source"
      Keyframe and Rendering tab=> Bit Depth "Use Project Setting", Fields "Upper Field First", Optimize Stills "checked"
      Audio tab=> Compressor "Uncompressed" or AC3

      Any clues what I'm doing wrong?
      Is there a way enable 2-pass encoding via DivX?
      I also tried to encode in mpeg2, or mp4 hd format to be able to later convert to divx via DivX doctor, but no luck.
      Any help, greatly appreciated