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    Premiere Pro CS3 then After Effects CS3 for Color Correction?

      Hello All,

      I'm at a bit of a loss here, it seems like it's a no brainer to be able to do this. I'm trying to edit my film in Premiere and then use After Effects to do color correction using Color Finesse 2. But there doesn't seem to be ANY way to keep a project so you can continue to edit in premiere while you also keep all your color correction??

      You can do color correction in AE and export a premiere project but premiere won't recognize the Color Finesse Filter so you lose all you color correction!

      Or I can edit the whole project in premiere and open it in after effects to do color correction, but then if there is a single edit change that needs to be done in premiere again i've once again lost my Color Correction to bring it back.

      Is this really the case that I can't use these expensive packages together this way? It seems like there has to be a solution! If Adobe just made it so Premiere kept the "links" to your filters in the project, instead of killing an unrecognizable one. Then when you opened it back in after effects after your edit your Color Correction would still be there.

      Any one have any advice?