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    HDV mpeg audio/video out of sync after indexing

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      I captured HD video to the computer and I am having problems with the audio an video being out of sync after indexing. I am still doing tests but am wondering if anyone else has this problem, and what they have found so far.

      I found this problem is only on one of tapes so far, I have two interviews on the tape. By the end of the second interview the voice is so far off from the video.

      Same Problem in:
      - Adobe Soundbooth CS3
      - Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
      - Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
      - Adobe After Effects CS3

      I captured miniDV HD using:
      - Adobe Premiere 2.0

      Works fine in:
      - Windows Media Player (for viewing)
      - TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress (for editing)
      - Adobe Bridge CS3 (for viewing)

      It is the same problem:
      - on AMD
      - on Intel