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    compiling AAF to OMF with MSVC

    fredou_79 Level 1

      I've been shocked to discovered that Premiere doesn't export OMF when I tried to do so for my trailer to send to my sound designer.

      I know that some had successes with AVID and/or AV Transfer, but these cost a fortune I don't have.

      We currently have to export AAF with PP3 import and re-export AAF in VEGAS 8.0, then open in Soundtrack Pro and export to LOGIC (at this point all stereo tracks get splited in mono ones), import it to LOGIC, and export it with some tweaks if we want to go Nuendo. That's insane.

      Instead, I've found that there's an open source that works with MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++) to convert AAF to OMF.


      I have C++ 2005 and I downloaded from Microsoft the 2008 pack of MSVC, but I'm quite puzzled as how to make this all work, the explanations on the site are quite high end and not for common user.

      Anyone went this route successfully to fix ADOBE omission ?

      Thank you.