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    Encore fails to write with Pr CS3 output

    Ma3rk Level 1
      Ill probably have to check with Tech Support on this, but thought Id ask here first for a quicker direction.

      I tried a short test this morning using the Export to Encore from Pr CS3 to Encore CS3. Im somewhat familiar with using the MainConcept and all proceeded as expected until Encore got to the writing stage when it errored then crashed.

      PGC SixMinTest has an error at 00;06;00;09.
      Internal software error: %0, line SIxMinTest PGC Info: name=SixMinTest, ref Bpgc, time=00:06:00:23

      Notice the drop-frame vs. non drop in the message if thats any clue.

      I closed Premiere and started Encore again. The timeline looked good & played fine. I checked the project, corrected some items, saved it. Tried another burn and got the same error but w/o the crash.

      The progress box states:

      Starting project. Failed Completed.
      Writing to DVD disc. Completed.

      But no data is actually written.

      I subsequently built the project from scratch with the .m2v and .wav files from Prem CS3, checked it, etc. and still get the same error.

      I built it in Encore 1.5 with the same result and got a similar error.

      PGC SixMinTest has an error at 00;06;00;23.
      Unknown error
      (DVD Error -1)

      The timeline is 00;06;00;23 long in both Encores which is what Id set the work area in Prem when I exported. There are no markers, etc. at the 00;06;00;09 point in the timeline though.

      Other older projects still burn to disc just fine in Encore CS3.

      I'll see it there's some setting back in Premiere that could be causing an encoding problem, but otherwise any ideas anyone?