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    Cut HDV without formatting to different file.

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      Excuse my ignorance on this but I just can't figure out how to do this.

      I shot some HD video for a client, which was approx 1 hr long. This was captured via premier pro cs3, firewire & is in my computer at approx 12GB mpeg file.

      I now need to get this raw footage to my client. But I can't find anyway of cutting it down to approx 20 minute segments so I can fit it onto a DVD.

      Export - Movie only seems to give me options to convert to .avi & Export - Media Encoder, whilst listing mpeg2 as an output option lists the estimated file size as 7.1GB so a big drop with some obvious conversion going on.

      So my question, how do I get this footage trimmed to 20 minutes chunks so I can fit on 3 DVDs & send to client without any compression or conversion taking place, even good old virtual dub mpeg has let me down on this :-(


      Thanks for any replies.