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    mixing audio

      trying to mix music in with dialogue so when there is no dialogue music is loud but music lowers when there is dialogue so you can hear the speech. then music back up in between dialogue. and so on. dont know what the technical term is for that. maybe fading music in and out in between dialogue?
      it is taking me ages using 4 keyframes for each drop in level of music and if i have say 10 sentences then that is 40 keyframes plus all the messing about getting the levels and timing right. if the music goes too loud in between dialogue it sounds silly when it fades out to hear next dialogue etc.
      isnt there another way?
      or is it just a case of head down and 3 hours later for a thirty minute clip?

      also i have really noisy wind on the footage making the dialogue hard to hear at times. (note buy a sock) whats the best way to remove that?
      am searching forums as i speak.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Head down...
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            Dan Isaacs Level 2
            This is called "ducking"... I don't believe there is any way to do this automatically in Premiere.

            There is a VST plugin for this, however. I have not tried it myself (I just Googled it) but you may want to check it out.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              You use the audio mixer and change the levels live as it plays if you know the material well enough.

              Noise is removed in Soundbooth or Audition.
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                Level 1
                thx for replies chaps.
                there is a skill in this "ducking" and ive found i'm great at it.
                i am also that boring that i get great delight in timing action in clips exactly to the music, often selecting music with good beats, once did a film on sea fishing or beachcasting with prodigy's breathe in the background.
                sometimes it goes without notice by the viewer (if they are thickos), but subconsciously it still seems adds to enhance the clip.
                it all takes so bleeding long!!!
                never done it live or with audio mixer.
                gonna try that now!