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    Need "opening doors" sequence

    KJonesy Level 1
      I need to create a sequence that shows french doors opening (they will open to show the clients website). I have found the doors. I have never done anything like this. Should I tape it, use a green screen, do this in PP. Or is this something I should attempt to do in Flash?? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          I would tape a greenscreen sheet to the opening of the doorway. Lighting it could be tough, and might need to be done with a lot of soft ambient light. And maybe even strong lights from behind (but not so much that the green bleeds to the doors.

          On the other hand, you only have to do it once, so maybe erasing everything except the doors, going frame by frame in Photoshop, might actually be the fastest and easiest way.
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            Level 1
            I've done this before using graphically produced french doors. I swung them open in After Effects. This was 10 years ago, so I don't remember exactly what I did -- but probably involved using 3D efx and changing the anchor point to the henge side of the door.
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              shooternz Level 6
              I successfuly did this with graphic doors in Premiere and used Corner Pin and 3d Perspective Effects plus a focus change key framed plus a light sheen pass over the opening doors. It was a bit time consuming and next time I would use AEFX for the task.