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    Slow Motion on Multiple Clips

      Ok so I'm newish to Premier and starting to get frustrated by how slow it is to edit in this software. Surely there must be an easy way to make a whole sequence of clips run in slow motion at 50% speed. I've copied down the clips to the timeline but it seems I have to time remap on a clip by clip basis and moreover there's no easy way to stretch the new longer clip in the timeline without moving it first to its own track and then inserting it back into the original.
      Please tell me there's an easy way to do this!!!!
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Using Time Remapping, I don't think there is an easier way.
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            Hi Jim - thanks for your reply. I am using Time Remapping which seems a nice enough tool - I just don't understand how I can apply the slow motion effect to a whole series of clips. Even in the most basic video editors you just select a bunch of clips and apply a "Speed" effect and in 2seconds you have a slow motion project - it's just took me nearly an hour to do the same in Prem Pro. This has to be crazy!!!!!
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Even Premiere's "Adjust Speed" option has to be applied one at a time, I'm afraid.
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                Cheers Jim - I thought as much - I just couldn't believe it!!!!! Why does anyone use this application its diabolically slow to do the basic things. I thought it was my lack of knowledge but after 6 weeks of trying to persevere with it I'm finding it the slowest editor I've ever used.
                Thanks for your time
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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4
                  >Surely there must be an easy way to make a whole sequence of clips run in slow motion

                  There is. Nest the sequence in another sequence and apply your effects to the nested sequence.

                  ...and don't call me Shirley! ;)


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                    Level 1
                    Hi Eddie - struggling a little bit to understand how to do this - can you possibly give me a little bit more information on how to do that - actually getting a little bit positive that there may actually be a solution!!!!
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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                      Just put all of the clips you want to slow down to the same speed on a new sequence.

                      Then, nest that sequence into the main sequence and apply the speed to the sequence.
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                        Level 1
                        Yes I see what you mean but as fast as that is it means there's no control over any aspect of the clips then - ie. if in order to fit to music I needed to slow down one of the clips a little bit more etc. Generally when I'm slowing down parts of a film I tend to apply a straight 50% speed and then manipulate from there on, shortening and lengthening clips as well as altering the speed slightly to fit as necessary to the music and also the feel that I'm trying to create. With Premiere I can't change the speed individually and to alter a clip's length I'd have to keep going back into the original sequence.
                        Premiere just seems so woefully short in its functionality on this basis.
                        Thanks for your help though - it is very much appreciated as otherwise I would still be searching for something that any basic editor has thinking I just hadn't managed to find it.
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                          ytlevine Level 1
                          Paste Attributes may also work, or save a preset.
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                            Level 1
                            Hi - thanks for that - I tried the paste attributes thinking it might save a little bit of time but it appears to be bugged as I did something really simple by altering a clip to 50% speed and copying the attributes. Then I chose another clip and "pasted attributes" and it only moved it to what appeared to be about 66% and then the next clip I did it to it hardly changed the speed at all.
                            Not sure how a saved preset would work though - if you think that might work can you give me some more information please.
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                              shooternz Level 6
                              Sorry Steve but I dont understand your workflow or edit technique.

                              When I edit I work with one clip at a time.(I am film trained) I choose the In and Out point and insert or overlay it to the timeline. If I know that I intend to slow it down (remap or speed change method) - I do it then. Thats how I get to craft the feel and rythym of my edit and work with the soundtrack.

                              Sure I might make adjustments later but usually I A/B cut the project and that makes this easy to do.

                              I guess I dont understand why editors would throw a bunch of clips on a timeline then make a sudden decision that its all going to be slo mo.

                              BTW - I use Time Remap for ramped type speed changes and Adjust speed option for a fixed speed change to a clip.

                              I would also disagree that other NLEs (eg FCP)can do Time remapping on multiple clips at the same time. They may be able to apply a Speed Adjust type action though.
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                                shooternz Level 6
                                Thought about it some more and there is another workaround if you want to apply slo mo to multiple clips.

                                Select them in the project window and then use Interpret Footage > Assume this Framerate.
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                                  Level 1
                                  Hi Craig - totally understand why you are a little confused as to why I'd want to apply a job lot action but as a wedding videographer, I end the film with a slow motion film sequence of their day. Although each clip does need fine tuning to fit both to the music and to the general feel of the clip as well as fine tuning the in and out points, I do generally use a 50% slow mo as a rule of thumb and work from there. If this facility was available I could then do all the work from the timeline to fine tune which would be so much faster.
                                  I had a look at the frame rate interpretation and while this does allow me to make a multiple quick change in the way that using a nested sequence would also allow me to do the job, the same restriction seems to still be there, in the fact that any fine tuning of the clip thereafter would be either difficult, impossible or quality would be compromised.
                                  I've got to say though - I am impressed with these forums, in less than 24 hours I have had three or four suggestions all of which may work in a different scenario which I may be able to use, so thank you very much again.
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                                    Level 1
                                    OK - I think I have a bit of a workaround using presets whereby I still have to apply each effect to each individual clip but at least it will be a lot quicker this way. From looking at Presets I would think that I could apply a 50% Speed change to a clip and then choose that effect in the Effects Control panel and save it as a Preset. Then I can assign a shortcut to that preset and apply it to each clip as a starting point. HOWEVER - for some reason the 'Save Preset' is greyed out!!!!!! What am I doing wrong???? It seems straight forward in the instructions. I have chosen the clip, applied the effect, clicked on TIME REMAPPING in the Effects Control where I can see that it is set at 50% but the SAVE PRESET is greyed out. Any help anyone?????? Thank you.
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                                      Jeff Bellune Level 5
                                      You should try using the razor tool on the nested sequence and then adjust Time Remapping for the razored sections.

                                      This should (I don't have the time at the moment to test for myself) allow an additional dimension of control for you, since the razored sections can span parts of clips or multiple clips.
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                                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                                        I do slow mo recaps for my wedding videos as well, and I have to mimic Craig's question. I always add such clips one at a time, slowing them down as I go. For me, it does seem the most practical workflow.