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    To Wil or anyone else - HDV sync in PPro CS3

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      I've found something interesting. I'll spare you all the background, but the bottom line is I've got (at least one so far) clip that was shot in Canon 24F on an XL-H1, and after updating to 3.2, I noticed a lot of clips in a project I'm working on, fell out of sync.

      I read the readme that came with the update, but after fixing things, I noticed that clips that were in sync before, were now out of sync only in PPro. If you open the clip in Windows Media - plays in sync...open it in AE - in sync. Open it in PPro...out of sync.

      I'd love to know what's going on here...Wil, I'd be happy to post one of the clips for you too look at if you're interested...