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      Hi there,

      I have some footage that I've recorded with Fraps that I'd like to edit with Adobe Premiere. The original footage is in .avi format, so I've converted it to .mov files through Apple Quicktime's Export feature in order to import it into Premiere. So far so good - the .mov files are much smaller and play beautifully.

      Upon importing it into Adobe Premiere, however, the playback is no longer so smooth. The footage stutters greatly in preview, but somehow plays back more smoothly if I pause playback and resume it shortly later. My primary concern, however, is that my exported movie also stutters. It doesn't seem to be the same kind of stutter as the preview, though, and it isn't corrected by pausing playback and resuming it. It's as if certain frames are repeated - or if there's a disc jockey doing his thing all over my footage, if you will (in fact, the latter is a strangely accurate description). The audio is unaffected and plays back just fine.

      I've used multiple compressors in rendering the exported movie, ranging from H.264 to Animation, Apple Intermediate Codec and even JPEG2000. None of them (bar JPEG2000) seem to be any different.

      I'm on an Apple PowerBook, Intel Core 2 Duo with 2.33Ghz Processors and a 256MB video card if the information is of any use.

      Please help!