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      here's my case history:
      I'm editing on AspectHD, and I'd like to have my co-editor working on his machine with DV version of the footage (since he doesn't own a license for AspectHD, nor d ow we money to buy it and buy hard drive space for him too store footage on his part too...)

      To have him have exactly what I've got so far, I went this way:
      - saved a copy of my project file
      - offlined all video clips it copy and kept audio files online (to avoid
      having to reconnect them, by having my co-editor have them in the same
      drive path and directory as I do so they reconnect automatically)
      - I imported CFHD project in a brand new DV project (so that my co-editor
      can work in it and have proper specs)

      So now I have an offline DV version of my project file with audio online, but when I try to reconnect medias with the DV clips, I need to reconnect them one by one; even more, I need to select them 2 times each before Premiere recognizes and accepts them as the proper media.

      When I just Make Offline and Reconnect Medias in my project file and keep the HD media, I just need to select and tie one file in each folder that hold clips and Premiere does the rest, but now it won't do it for this particular project.

      What to do? Is this a know bug?

      Thank you.

      My specs:
      AMD x2 Athlon +4600
      4 GB of DDR2 ram
      ASUS M2N-SLI deluxe
      Creative X-FI Xtreme Music
      AspectHD v5 lastest build
      dual monitor with Ultramon 2.6