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    Export to FLV or MOV - MOV wins

      I have done some minimal tests of exporting a short 1 minute clip (flying sequences from WWII) to both FLV and MOV and found that the Quicktime clip was better in terms of quality and file size. For example, when I exported a 1 minute clip to FLV, the file size came to around 3.37mb. When I exported the same clip to MOV, it came to a file size of 2.17mb. The quality of the mov was superior than the FLV.

      When I doubled the resolution size for both clips, I got crappy results on the FLV and beautiful results on the MOV file--and the MOV file was still smaller.

      So, is there a reason to be using FLV ? What would I use it for if it's inferior? I guess the only advantage I can think of so far that FLV has is the encoding time.

      Thanks for the clarifications, if any.
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Flash has some advantages, like being part of a more sophisticated web page. It is also more universally deployed than Quicktime.

          Yes, the file size is bigger in general. But as you can see, it is widely used (think YouTube).
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            Thanks Steven,
            I am going to deploy a website with several video clips of historical footage and I'm just looking for ideas on the ways i can encode the clips for viewing on the webpage. If quicktime has smaller file sizes, then this is a no brainer--but if a large percentage of people can't play them, then that won't work. I believe somewhere like 90% of the people have quicktime installed?

            FLV is easy to embed, but so is quicktime. I think the best quality is WMV9 , but I can't remember what their file sizes were like and not everyone has Windows.
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              > not everyone has Windows.

              Read this: http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=2
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                Curt Wrigley Level 4
                Best quality for file size for full frame rate video is still wmv. But; MAcrs dont like wmvs much. Flash although larger in file size is a good choice because of its capabilities via web integration. And with more and more broadband, the difference in size of a progressive download file is less important than it used to be. If it is for downloading and not streaming, qt is a good choice also.

                Curt Wrigley
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                  > "In just the first six months of general availability, Windows Vista – Microsoft's most secure Windows platform to date – pushed in excess of 60 million licenses worldwide, out of which the Redmond company is ready to confirm no less than 40 million actually sold copies. This means that Vista now accounts for the second largest install base in the world following Windows XP, and it's also Microsoft's ticket to 1 billion Windows based machines by mid 2008."