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    Time cursor 'jumps about' when setting edit points in CS3.2

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      Don't know if anyone else has experienced this:

      Yesterday when editing a short sequence the source window timeline indicator kept bouncing around when I set in or out points. Here's the procedure I went through:

      1. Dragged source clip to source window.
      2. Hit space bar, then 'I' to mark in point whilst clip playing, and 'O' for out point whilst clip playing, then space bar or K to stop.
      3. Dragged clip to timeline. (Alls well to this point)
      4. Highlight source window and hit space bar to begin playing clip again to take a second section, hit I to mark an in point and here's where everything goes wrong. The clip doesn't continue playing, it stops. The in point has been marked correctly but the timeline indicator has bounced miles away from where the clip stopped, either forward or back in time, and apparently by a random amount. The one consistent thing was everytime I dragged a new clip to the source window, the first time I marked an In or Out, the clip would behave, it's on the second time of marking from the same source clip problems started.

      Anyone experienced this or have solutions?

      (Editing CS3.2, Laptop with XP Pro, 2.16GHz Core2Duo, 2GB Ram, clips in SD 4:3 PAL, DV codec, External drive)