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    Problems capturing from a Sony HDR-SR10

      Within the Capture dialog, on the settings tab, in the Device Control section I have DV/HDV Device Control selected in the drop-down list. I click the Options button and the Device control settings dialog appears. I choose Sony in the Device Brand drop-down list. In the Device Type drop-down list, there is no option for the HDR-SR10. I've also attempted to use the generic device brand and the standard device type, and several other options.

      My goal is to capture video at a high resolution. I can pull the videos off the camera as .m2ts files at a 1440 x 1080 using Sony's picture motion browser software, but Premiere doesn't like the .m2ts format. When I convert them to WMV or MPG files, they end up at 640 x 480. Any help would be appreciated!
      Thank you.