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    imported audio (.wav) and timeline WAVEFORM out of sync

      i imported a .wav file as background music for a slide show. i wanted to match the images to certain points in the music. the problem is the waveform in my timeline is totally out of sync with the actual audio, so if i line up the peak with the frame when i playback it is way off.
      i exported to see if it was some kind of scratch problem but it sounds exactly the same after exporting.

      if i listen carefully i can match the sound up by ear exactly, but not using the waveform.

      is the waveform in the timeline supposed to be accurate or no? i tried using the waveform in the source window but i couldn't figure out a way to enlarge the waveforms enough to show the peaks i want to hit.

      is this normal for premiere? a sound card issue? is a marker set wrong?
      and is there a way i can get that waveform in sync? i've been messing around with it all day and can't figure it out.

      thanks in advance for help. sorry newbie.