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    SteadyMove Alternative for CS3?

    napynap Level 1
      Since SteadyMove plugin for CS3 is not officially supported, can anyone recommend an alternative to reduce camera shake?
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          akribie Level 2
          Mecalli from ProDad.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            There are places where a tripod is not allowed. Or, just doesn't make sense (like following someone while they walk and talk).

            Specifically, I purchased a DV-Rig Jr to shoot on the Acropolis in Athens Greece, knowing that a tripod would not be allowed. Same with Corinth. Some sites do not allow them. And not all steadycam rigs (or their users) will keep a camera perfectly still.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Practice, then.

              Lean against something.

              Stand with legs spread wide.

              Not the only solutions, I grant. But steady footage will always be preferable to software fixes, if you can at all help it.
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                napynap Level 1
                I agree that it's best to take video that will not need to be 'fixed' in the editing, but I'm dealing with some handheld walking that could use a little smoothing, if it's even possible.
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                  akribie Level 2
                  When tripods are out, I like to use a beanbag called a Pod (Canadian, I think). Equipped with a camera-mounting screw thread it is much less intrusive than a tripod and can be used both on things (even knees or shoulders sometimes), and against things, to give very steady shots. Small and unobtrusive and fits in a large pocket.
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                    napynap Level 1
                    Thank you for all the suggestions. I have learned much from this request. *newbie*
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                      Mitchell Lopez Level 1
                      I hate to say this, but I agree with Jim. Tripod.

                      And if you have to shoot while walking, re-learn to walk steady. Ive done it. People have asked after viewing, How did you do that shot?
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                        I also agree with Jim Simon, using a tripod or learning how to hold the camera steady is your best bet. I worked in TV News for 30 years (I'm retired now) and a tripod is first choice for a steady shot but we had to run and gun a lot during breaking news stories, which meant shooting off the shoulder.

                        I don't know how big or heavy your camera is but holding your elbows into your body and using a shoulder width stance, really helps you get a steadier shot or as someone else said, lean on something and use your elbows as a tirpod. Try to breathe relaxed and evenly, heavy breathing will also cause camera movement.

                        If you have to do a walking shot the best thing to do is stay close to your subject and keep your shot wide, that will really help cut down on camera shake. Just remember the tighter you are on a subject with hand held or shoulder shots the more likely for camera shake. If you are using a prosumer type camera (which is what I have - Sony HDR-FX1) it is hard to hold steady (if your not use to shooting) because of it being light weight, try making a bean bag out of a sock and draping it over the back part of the camera. The extra weight will make a difference in steadiness.

                        Hope this helps, good luck.
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                          mickkeay Level 1
                          No substitute for tripod I agree but Mercalli is the business if you are stuck with vital but shaky footage. A while back I was given some footage shot from a moving car and it cleaned it up with excellent and surprising results. Some of the more aggressive settings take forever to render but it can be well worth the wait. Once you get used to it you can see how it intends to motion track in the preview and adjust the zoom (or border generator) to suit.
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                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                            After Effects also has built-in motion tracking, which I've used to clean up a shaky shot with success. (By the way, it was that shot that caused me to start using a tripod for everything that was practical.)