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    HDV Workflow

      Not sure if this is better for the Production Studio Forum but have we reached any consensus about HDV codecs in Premiere. Today, I'm trying to composite some green screen footage in AE and then edit it in Premiere.

      What is the best "out of the box" solution for HDV workflow in Production Studio. I feel the experiments I've done have left me with seriously degraded footage.

      Do I HAVE to get a 3rd party tool to work in HDV in Production Studio?! If so, which is the best.

      Finally, does anyone know the best format to use to pass footage back and forth with FCP Studio. I'm collaborating with anothe editor on a film and he's on FCP.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I can't answer the HDV questions, but my own experience in working with different NLEs hasn't been kind. Personally I recommend against it. My choice is both of us must have identical software, or I just can't use the help, cause it ends up being more work than actual help.
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            Thanks for the note Jim. Normally, i would agree with you on NLEs but I'm talking about pretty simple cooperation where two people are editing scenes and one person is assembling he scenes into the final film. There MUST be a way to export footage in a format acceptable to both NLEs for simple assemble editing. I'm not talking about sharing EDLs or something.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              If it's that simple, why not just do it all in one? I must be missing some data because I don't understand the reasoning behind using two systems in this case.
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                I guess I'm not communicating very clearly.

                Two editors.
                Two cities.
                Two NLEs (PP and FCP)
                One movie.

                Footage is divided up and the two editors are working on different scenes so the complex part of the editing is contained on a single machine/NLE.

                Now the scenes are edited. The question is how do we put them together into the final film. For that ONE NLE needs to be used to assemble the scenes from both editors.

                It doesn't really matter which NLE gets used for this rather mundane task but it it DOES seem to matter what codecs are used to transfer the final scene footage from one to the other.

                Does that make sense?
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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Troubles, troubles and troubles. That's your perspective. Or change your work flow.
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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                    There is no good way to transfer footage back and forth. You can use Quicktime ANimation, a lossless solution, but the files are enormous. If that is not an issue because you are shipping hard drives, or using a high bandwidth connection, then use Quicktime Animation. Codecs designed for the PC don't work well on the MAc but MAc based codecs are generally accepted on the PC. Generally.

                    There is no good way to edit using two different NLE packages. You can, however, import the project into After Effects and share After Effects projects.

                    You might be happier editing in one application, writing out to tape, and then capturing on the other platform.
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                      Thanks for the note Steven. We captured this film directly to the Quicktime HD codec and getting any of that footage over to the PC has been a complete nightmare. It's almost enough for me to go back out and relearn FCP!

                      That was just a side issue, however. What is the best way to share footage between Premiere and AE on a PC? Should that be done as an animation as well or an uncompressed AVI?
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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                        You can copy/paste from the Premiere Pro timeline into the After Effects timeline.

                        I suggest that you relearn FCP to share with other FCP users.
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                          Jim_Simon Level 8
                          >Footage is divided up and the two editors are working on different scenes

                          OK, that was the part I was missing.

                          For final assembly, it seems logical that any codec both will ingest, that has at least the same or better quality as the original footage, will do. At the very least, Uncompressed should work in both, no?
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                            Yeah, I guess some ucompressed thing would work. I was trying to figure out if there was a high def (decent looking one) codec that both used. That was basically the question.

                            Same goes moving footage from AE to PP. Cut and paste cannot be the answer.
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                              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                              AE to Premiere Pro is done with Dynamic Link.
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                                Working in HDV, I do what I need in AE, then render it out using MPEG DVD Blu Ray, which, just happens to be the same format as HDV captured in Premiere. It may well known, but I sure was excited to figure that one out!