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    Boris FX 9.2 with Premiere Pro - HELP

      Hey Everyone,

      Well I recently I got myself a copy of the latest Boris FX (Boris FX 9.2) which I was pretty excited about until I found out it didn't work as I wanted to.

      I've seen many tutorials and screenshots where the plugins from Boris FX can be accessed through Premiere Pro itself without going into the Boris FX application. I cannot find my Boris FX folder from Premiere Pro and I have put the plugins (After Effect Plugins) into the correct folders.

      The best I can do with it is to apply effects through the Boris FX interface application which is just slow. I want to be able to drag and drop with ease just like all the original filters and effects within Premiere Pro so I can actually stay in the one software and do my keyframing there.

      I hope I made sense, I will explain more if need be.

      Regards, Andrew