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    Imported MPEG has red frames, how do I solve this?

      I've been playing with Premiere and just create the final movie on something I'm working and I happened to notice that almost at the end, there's a red frame in the video. What's up with that?

      I play the original MPEG2 file in Windows Media Player (it was created with muvee Autoproducer and I'm doing editing in Premiere) and there's no red frame at all. But after importing it into Premier, there's a red frame.

      Possibly more... How do I find all these red frames and what should I do to fix them?

      I don't understand why they are red if the original doesn't have any...
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I believe this is Premiere's way of handling sync issues. You may have to watch the whole thing and manually replace each red frame with a copy of the frame before or after it.
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            Well, I read something about it that it was some kind of error yes and that I could see it on the events window, however, no errors were reported.

            I found another document page at the Adobe site that talked about 3.2.0 update to Premiere (which I though I had, but I didn't) and that this update introduced these red frames and bla bla (but I has having them before the update). Anyway, I did the update, deleted all the cache files, opened the project, the files index was recreated and the red frame gone (at least on the frame I saw it before).

            I'm going to produce a new output and then I'll just have to check for those red frames.

            Maybe with this update and if the events window is really empty, maybe there are no errors (red frames) at all.

            I hope...

            Thanks for the input though.