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    Urgent!! Premiere Beginner needs lots of help

      Hi Everyone,

      I've been given a dvd and told to take clips from it here and there and put it together as one video to upload to our company web site as the final product.

      The problem is that I haven't use premiere since college and that was ages ago. The company purchase Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 for me and I have no idea how to start.

      So here are my questions:

      1. How do I get the video from the DVD into Premiere? Is there any extra software I have to buy to convert or rip this 10 minute video off the dvd?
      (what format can I import into premiere.)

      2. How do I get audio and video off it not just the video.

      If anyone can offer any beginner's tips, that would really help me.
      I am also orderinga premiere book to help me get started on some sample projects first.

      Thanks for any pointers! :)