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    What's wrong?

    Level 1
      copied a snippet from Premiere, opened After Effects, made new composition, pasted in the snippet.
      Went to play it and it was running at something retarded like, .5 fps from 29.97fps, then the program froze up and it took close to 10 minutes to actually shut down once I went through the usual 'program not responding' senario.

      Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600
      3072 RAM
      720 GB Hard Drive
      NVIDIA Geforce 8500 GT Graphics Card
      Vista Home Edition

      1440x1080 High Def
      length: 1'02"

      Crappy computer?
      Crappy Vista?

      Even now I reopened After Effects and the whole PC's gone screwy.
      It took over a minute to pull up my browser.
      Bloody computers.

      Any ideas?