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    Copy from Premiere, Paste in After Effects? Not for me. . .

      Seem logical and one of the most obvious things we would all want to do:

      take parts of what we are editing in Premiere, bring them over to After Effects, add an effect, bring the part back to Premiere to continue editing.

      Perhaps my logic is way out there.

      As I'm having such a problem doing this simple task, I'm being forced to conclude I must finish editing my 30 minutes of footage, save it as whatever, then re open the whole damn thing in After Effects.

      I can't believe that's how this CS3 system is set up.
      Is it???

      I right click>copy a minute length snippet from Premiere, open After Effects, check to see the size of the composition matches the snippet, paste it into the timeline and I get a completely different piece from my Premiere editing board (timeline) playing at 4.7fps/59.94fps

      What the hell is going on!

      Any help would be most. . . helpful.