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    Trial Première pro CS3 combined with Sony DHR-1000NP/No sound rendering the Première Project

      Dear friends,
      I am a belgian and I have many years of good experience with Pinnacle DV500, Adobe Première 6.0 and the Sony DV Recorder DHR-1000NP.
      As I want to make a further step, I downloaded the trial of Adobe Première Pro CS3; I installed this trial on 2 OTHER computers, Windows Professional XP , SP2. With both I have the same problem!
      I get good .avi's from my DV tapes, played with the same Sony DV Recorder DHR-1000NP, over a fire wire, connected with the OHCI of the computer.
      When playing the obtained Première project, the video and audio on the screen and the amplifier of the computer, are perfect; the videosignal over the firewire and the Sony DV Recorder DHR-1000NP is also perfect, but there is absolutely NO audiosignal reaching the Sony DV Recorder DHR-1000NP.
      Who can explain me how I should manage that problem?
      Thank you for helping!
      With my best regards,