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      I am contemplating purchasing a new turnkey editing computer from either safe harbor or B&H and was trying to decide if I wanted to purchase the MATROX RTX200 or go without the card and use CINEFORM.

      I currently edit everything with the MATROX RTX100 and PPRO 1.5 (older computer now) and need to upgrade the whole system to start handling HD.

      Any suggestions or opinions on using MATROX VS CINEFORM?
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          If you are shooting HDV, you need to decide if you need to use an external monitor, like a HDTV, and if so, does your graphics card support it. If not, the new 3/4 legnth RT.X2 might serve you well.

          Just remember that with Matrox you can not upgrade your Premiere Pro until Matrox is ready, and they may decide not to support new versions of Premiere Pro, just like they decided with the RTX.100

          If you move between Premiere Pro and After EFfects a lot you are better off with Cineform. If you are happy with the free trial of Cineform and the Cineform supplied effects, stick with Cineform.

          In other words, your desired workflow determines your need to spend $500 or $1000.
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            Curt Wrigley Level 4
            You should note that there is no garuntee cineform will keep up with adobe upgrades either. But they have traditionally been much faster to support new releases than matrox.
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              True, but their bread and butter has always been Adobe products, and being a smaller company, they are unlikely to give that up.

              With the new 3/4 legnth board, Matrox can be used in more turnkey systems. And, with a properly configured turnkey system, everything should work without a hassle.

              Matrox only gives people headaches when they build the systems themselves as far as I can tell. The system I am using that Matrox built runs flawlessly.

              However, please understand that I am a died in the wool Cineform user, and I have been since before Premiere Pro could edit HDV without it.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                >Matrox only gives people headaches when they build the systems themselves as far as I can tell.

                Or add it to one that's already built.

                The problems with the turnkey option are expense, and choice. It costs more, and you can't always use the parts you want.
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                  shooternz Level 6
                  Build it without either in first instance and see what you need later (if anything at all)
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                    Could you list all the components of the computer you are using? (or will be you be putting that up in your (hopefully soon) review of the X2?)
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                      Here is links to the two I have been contemplating buying:


                      http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=cart_accessories&A=details&Q=&sku=487181 &is=REG

                      I'm not sure which I will go with but I have heard safe harbor builds better quality machines. BH is close to me though in case I have problems.
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                        I've been looking at Guygraphics.com and sharbor. But Videoguys.com has a do-it-yourself setup for MUCH less than either of these. I realize their 'kit' isn't as souped up as the turnkey systems mentioned, but there still seems to be quite a price discrepancy.
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                          > You should note that there is no guarantee cineform will keep up with adobe upgrades either.

                          No ways, Cineform update far quicker than Adobe. Cineform are always ready within a few days of product updates. I had a problem with the recent build of Prospect 2K and within 2 days a new build was up with the bug solved.
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                            is there anyone actually using the RT.X2 with DV25 and with HDV who can report on how well it does what it's supposed to do, especially regarding the "real time" effects matrox claims. what hardware makes it work - CPU(s), video card?
                            - joey
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                              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                              I really don't know what is inside the system I am using since it is a loaner. I suppose I could figure it out and report back when I finally get around to issuing a report.

                              I have been traveling quite a bit for my "day job" and it has kept me from editing much with the Matrox. Or, at least, enough to write it up.
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                                I had a turnkey Matrxo RT-X2 system for a month or so and had tons of trouble trying the use it in conjunction with Cineform AspectHD. The Matrox is very, very picky about what other software is on the machine. The Cineform people were very helpful, but the Matrox tech support took the position of washing their hands of you if you put ANYTHING on the machine other than software specifically approved by Matrox. Since I had been using AspectHD on another system, this proved a deal killer. I could not import or use footage converted with AspectHD. Believe me, I tried!

                                The hardware assist approach used by Matrox is fine, but you can do the same with a fasd computer and multiple monitors. Oh, one other thing, don't excpet a DVI-to-HDMI converter to work with the Matrox video card. It won't work!

                                Another thing, I set up test renders with Adobe CS3 and found that half the time I could render faster by first disabling the Matrox hardware! Hello?

                                If you need real-time output on a monitor that does not have DVI, try Black Magic Designs "Intensity Pro" card.

                                Oh, one other thing, there is no "real time" output through 'firewire' when you use the Matrox cards, despite what their literature implies.

                                At the end of the day, I sent the Matrox system back and am still fighting with the vendor!
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                                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                                  I finished my testing of the Matrox RT.X2. The review is online:


                                  I did not test Cineform and Matrox on the same system.