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    16:9 and Iris-round


      Using PP-CS3 (Win XP) I found a bug(?):

      When applying the iris-round onto 2 clips it presents at 16:9 DV-clips a left justified oval (and not a centered circle) whereas using 4:3 DV-clips it works well!

      Am I the only person who has this problem?
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          It works correctly for me. You can change the position of the iris in the Effect Controls Panel.

          Perhaps if you post a screenshot we might see something to explain it.


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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            Works OK for me too. 16:9 DV AVI using 1.2 PAR
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              Level 1

              Thanks! In the meanwhile I found the solution:

              I built an 16:9 project with DV-clips month ago with the US-beta-version.

              Now I use the german official version, where the bug occurs when I open the "beta-project".

              So I built a new 16:9 project (with the german version), imported the old beta-project and all works fine!

              By the way, there is another question: In CS3 it is possible to press the tilde-key (~) to maximize the active window.
              In the german version there are some other keys which do that what the us-keys does. All other keys I have found but not the "german equivalent" for the tilde-key.

              hint: pressing AltGr plus the tilde-key on the german keyboard doesn't work.
              Maybe one of the readers of this text knows a solution.

              Im voraus vielen Dank! kurt
              • 4. Re: 16:9 and Iris-round
                Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                It is not the Tilde key. People make that mistake all the time in articles and tutorials. It drives me crazy. On the American keyboards, the " ` " key and the " ~ " are on the same physical key. But the key that does the maximize trick is the " ` " key.

                You can change that in the Keyboard Customization settings if you wish. Does the German keyboard have the " ` " key?
                • 5. Re: 16:9 and Iris-round
                  Level 1

                  The "`" key exists on (my) german keyboard and could be selected by pressing shift plus the "´"-key ---
                  but it does not maximize the window(s)!!
                  It seems to me as if this keyboard-option is not implemented/translated into the german PP3-Version.

                  But it's not a too great problem, for there is the possibility to do the same thing with right mouse-click and select the "Maximize"-option.

                  But I didn't know how the american keyboard looks - so I have learned one information more! Thanks!-kurt
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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                    I don't know what the Keyboard Customization settings are in German, but in English, the name of the feature is "Maximize or Restore Frame". If you can find that in your Keyboard Customization settings, and see what charecter (if any) is next to it, you would have your answer.
                    • 7. Re: 16:9 and Iris-round
                      Andy Urtu Level 1
                      I am getting the same problem with the IRIS transition as k pot using HDV clips.

                      When previewing in draft mode, they look fine. If I render then the Iris Round is on the left side of the screen and an oval. So is the IrisBox.

                      I exported the timeline into various formats (avi, wmv, m2t, mov) and thankfully the exported files display the Iris correctly.