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    Corrupt .avi file - What program do you suggest to fix it ?

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      Tonight I tried to load some video I shot with my digital camera into Premiere and it tells me the .avi video is corrupt.

      I then tried to just play the video from the SD card, and it won't play either, telling me the file is corrupt.

      In a case like this, what do you gentlemen suggest ? The file size of the video is almost 100k so I know there is some good video in the file.

      The reason I believe this happened -- it was the last video to get recorded, and then I got a "memory card full" error. I suspect the camera didn't have enough space to correctly close the file on the SD card.

      Any help is appreciated. I suspect I will need to use a software that will extra / repair the video, but what program do I use ?

      Thanks for your help,