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    export .ts

    Dave R J Level 1
      I have a project that is 1920x1080p30 in Premiere Pro CS3.

      I have a hardware box that plays MPEG-2 and H.264 files in .ts file format only.

      How can I export .ts files from CS3 in either of those codecs?
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Try AME.
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            Ruud Blauw Level 1
            Don't know how strict the hardware box is about the transport stream specifications, but you could try to export a multiplexed MPEG-2 file from the Adobe Media Encoder and rename the suffix from ".mpg" to ".ts".
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              I just wanted to see if anyone has come up with an answer for this since I also need to export to a box that takes only .ts files and I was told to use H.264. I'm looking for the right setting, a plugin, or even a good program that I can use to convert. I'm in CS5 on a Mac and need this info for both Premeire and After Effects.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Welcome to the forum.


                This is but a guess, so you may have to fill in some blanks, or maybe scrap my idea.


                The TS is but a wrapper. It is what's inside that really counts, but in your case, the box wants to "see" the TS extension. If you can find out what needs to be inside (maybe the H.264?), then Export to that. Change the file extension to .TS, and test.


                Hope that works and good luck,



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                  I just came to this thread this morning having the

                  same problem.

                  Just modifying the extension from mpeg to TS as suggested by B. Hunt does not work, at least with my box.

                  What I've done and works very well is output a mpeg-2 from premiere and then using mediacoder, which comes for free, convert to a TS file.

                  Hope it can help some one, with the same problem.


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                    Flo Wilson

                    TS files are technically just MPEG2 files at a very specific resolution. You can use pretty much any converter Format conversion,I would recommend you also try ts video converter which is free to download trial software.

                    I hope you can help.